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Summer Smiles

It’s that time of year again, the season of tanned skin, gleaming bronzers, flowvy dresses, sun hats and all that good stuff- SUMMER!

What’s there not to love?! Especially the adorable fashion and trends this season. Before these sun-filled days begin, there are a few essentials to consider before hitting the beach! Here’s my quick sum up of must haves to combat the heat and be summer ready!

1. Latter on the sunscreen 

No matter where you’re going during the day – the office, stroll on the beach, or car trip, do not forget to apply your sunscreen. This is also important for the winter months as well but that is an entirely different discussion. For some this may seem like a hassle, especially for those of darker complexion who have the misconception they neither are immune to the sun nor need sunscreen. Regardless of your skin complexion, sunscreen SPF protection is essential for all! Your skin will thank you!

Another issue I hear and I can attest to this myself is “sunscreen is so thick and leaves a white film on my skin- I hate it”. This is a valid complaint and I found myself being wary of sunscreen due to the fact of its rather thick and distinct consistency. This is where you will need to do your due diligence. Don’t opt for the cheapest sunscreen at your nearest pharmacy. Spend some time testing and trying various brands and I guarantee you will find the one best suited for your skin. This is especially true when purchasing a SPF sunscreen moisturizer for the face, which I’ll briefly touch upon later. If need be, visit different stores and ask for samples (trust me, retailers would be more than happy) and test various brands and types. I did this myself and found an amazing SPF 33 moisturizer for the face and body from Shiseido. I purchased it at Sephora last summer for $41.00 (CND). Mine you I only use this SPF cream on my face but it has lasted me over a year despite using it every day (it’s worth the price). I would definitely recommend it! You can check it out at

What’s great about this sunscreen is its dual use- body and face. It extremely rare for me to agree with using something that can be used on the body and face but honestly this is my only exception. Firstly there is absolutely zero oily, cakey feeling. That thick, white layer is nonexistent. This SPF is extremely light, absorbs quickly into the skin, and does not clog your pores – all important qualities to me. This SPF may not be right for you but I advise taking the time to sort through the many brands on the market and find your match. Protection is key during this season- for the face and body.


2. Water waves

 Water, water, water- repeat x 100. This should be your summer mantra. Water is extremely important during these heated months. It’s good for the body and soul. With heat exhaustion comes a dehydrated body which is not good. Many have the mistaken belief that you must literally drink 6-8 actual glasses of water to gain the necessary water for the body every day. This is not necessarily true. We gain a good amount of water from the food we intake into our bodies. Chose water rich fruits and vegetables such as berries, melons, grapes, tomatoes, and cucumbers. These foods are not only good for you but come loaded with water thereby taking the pressure off to guzzle down 8 glasses every day. Let’s face it, were all busy people and don’t have the time to be the bathroom all day disposing of all that water. A helpful tip is too bring a reducible water bottle with you at all times (or most times). It will remind you to have your daily water intake in moderation.

3. Be feet ready

Your feet are your summer hands- everyone sees them! They are out there and exposed to all so make sure they are in their best shape possible. Treat your feet well. Just like your hands, you use them every day and they are more insight during these hot summer months. Take the time to show them some love! Treating yourself for a relaxing pedicure does wonders for your feet and body. It’s a time to unwind and refrain from the demands of your busy schedule. Choose fun, flirtatious summer colors that pop in your flip flops, wedges, and sandals. Show a bit of your personality! For those on a budget, treat yourself to a home pedicure. It’s easy and requires a few tools and products from your local beauty store (some which you should already have). For the basics you’ll need:

·         Foot scrub

·         Pumice stone

·         Foot file

·         Nail clipper

·         Cuticle clipper

·         Buffer

·         Towel

·         Toe separator

·         Base polish

·         Clear nail polish

·         Nail polish color of your choice

You can follow these basic steps for your home pedicure:

1.       Cut and trim nails until desired length. Should ideally be kept short and neat.

2.       File in one direction to ensure all ridges and unevenness are gone.

3.       Cut cuticles if necessary.

4.       Soak feet in warm water for 1-2 minutes. This should soften your feet.

5.       You will need a dime size of foot scrub per foot. Gently apply on the feet in circular motions for approximately 1 minute

6.       Rinse off with Luke warm water

7.       Apply pressure with your pumice stone and scrub the bottom of the feet, including heels. Be sure to target spots with rough skin.

8.       Rinse off with Luke warm water and pat dry with towel or clothe

9.       Insert pair of toe separators

10.   Apply base coat of nail polish, followed by the nail color of your choice

11.   Let dry and finish off with a top, clear coat

12.   Wonderful feet J

Hope my tips have been helpful! Enjoy the heat and superb weather! 

Just your average Shoe-Obessed 22 year old. I believe in the power of the II F's-Fashion &&. Footwear.